International Investment Management

Supporting you to create the right investment proposition for your business and your clients.

Manage your own portfolios

Create, monitor and update your own models

Select an Investment Manager

Select a professional investment manager(s) to run a range of models for your clients

Use our in-house Investment Manager – Smartim

Create your own white-labelled portfolio service using our extensive range of risk-graded multi-asset portfolios managed by our experienced and proven investment team.

Run your own strategies

With the appropriate regulatory permissions you can create, monitor and update your own models in GBP, USD and EUR, using:

  • Collectives
  • Equities
  • ETFs
  • Bonds.

Create models for your high net worth clients.

Quickly monitor, update, tailor or blend online.

  • Our Dynamic Modelling technology means all related accounts are automatically updated when you change your model.
  • Maintain a history of all your changes for audit and compliance support.

Select a manager

Easily create your own investment proposition managed by the investment managers that you have selected

Once established, client accounts can be actively managed by your investment manager

Praemium’s dynamic technology automatically updates all related accounts whenever your Investment Manager makes changes to your models.

See a list of investment partners who currently manage portfolios on behalf of Praemium’s clients.

Our in-house solution

Select from our extensive range of portfolios to create your own white-labelled investment proposition. The Smart Investment Management (Smartim) team have over 40 years’ experience and a proven track record managing risk-graded multi-asset strategies in GBP, EUR and USD. Visit the Smartim website for more information.

The team also manage a range of multi-asset funds, including the innovative Smartfund 80% Protected fund. Visit the Smarfund 80% Protected website for more information.

Smartim’s investment process comprises three stages:

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