The right technology

The Praemium difference

Praemium's technology is truly market leading*. Here's why...

Dynamic modelling

No need for quarterly rebalancing

Client portfolios are always in line with each other and with the model manager’s current thinking. Funds on the Praemium platform are only traded when money is added or withdrawn, when you switch models or when the manager adjusts the strategy.

  • New portfolios buy in at the floated weighting.
  • There is NO NEED TO REBALANCE to bring investors back into line.
  • All investors in a model will have the same investment experience.

Aggregated trades

Aggregated trades mean lower trading charges

Praemium has among the lowest trading charges in the industry due to our Aggregated Trades technology.

  • Trades are aggregated per security.
  • Costs are prorated and shared between all investors participating in the trade.
  • The platform automatically updates investor accounts.

The time machine

Our technology has the ability to roll forward or backward through the transaction history and can amend incorrect or outdated information (i.e. with complex corporate actions). Below is an example of a post hoc change:

*Based on funds under administration, technological sophistication and arguably the best reporting available (according to Lonsec Research 2014).

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